Joint Venture Partnership for Empaths and Intuitives, Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching Collaboration, Empath Empowerment and Healing, Mindset and Transformation Leadership for Spiritual Coaches, Money, Health, and Relationship Coaching for Intuitives, Women's Empowerment and Spiritual Growth, Soul of an Empath Podcast, Embodiment Program for Conscious Creation, Guided Meditations for Spiritual Intuitives, Healing Packages for Empaths

Affiliate Partnership

Thank you for your interest in being my Joint Venture Partner.

Are you a Healer or Coach that serves Empathic, Spiritual, Intuitive who want to up level personally and professionally?

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My Target Audience

  • Empathic, Spiritual, Intuitives

  • Who want more Money, Love, Health & Spirituality

Ways that I Can Help You

  • Interview you on my Soul of an Empath Podcast or Knowing You Show

  • Giveaways & Summits

  • My Healing Content You Can Bonus to Your Clients

Great JV Partners Could Be...

Mindset Healers

Transformation Leaders

Spiritual Coach

Money Coach

Health Coach

Relationship Coach

Women's Empowerment

and more...

Some possible ways that we could play together might look like interview swaps, invitations to speak on stages, content exchange, introductions to other potential JV Partners, collaborative teaching events, direct client referrals & more.

Would you like to set up a Business Connection Meeting?

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Happy Clients Say...

Below are my Online Courses that you could receive commission on and/or possibly use as bonuses for your clients.

Below are all items that you could receive commission on!

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CLICK HERE for Guided Meditations.

CLICK HERE for my "Live" Mentor Program, called "Embodiment Program: for Conscious Creation, Love & Empowerment."

CLICK HERE for a sample of one my Healing Package options. I offer 1 Month - "Yes to Healing Package", 3 Month - "Upgrade & Expand Package" and a 6 Month - "Magnificent Life" package to clients.

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Thank you for being my affiliate partner. ~Tiffany